Detailed Information About Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Pipe fitting is a term that is used in the field of plumbing and piping systems that are used in homes, industries and commercial level. Pipes are joined and shaped with the help of small pieces and joints. Those pieces of plastic are called pipe fittings. Pipes can be fitted in any shape and size with the help of pipe fittings. It is impossible to install a plumbing or piping system without using pipe fittings. Fittings are available in different sizes and shapes in the market.

There is a wide range of fittings available in market and every type of pipe requires a different type of fitting. You can easily find required pipe fittings in any local hardware store. For the past few decades, steel has been considered as the best material to make pipes and fittings, which are using in the plumbing systems. Steel has few qualities due to which it was preferred over other metals. Steel is durable, strong and has high heat resistance. These are the reasons that steel is the first choice of pipe manufacturers in past years.

Steel pipes and fittings are used for both domestic and industrial purposes. There are certain operations that are performed on the steel to enhance its durability and its protection against the rust. The steel is passed through chemical experiments to enhance its quality. The most common types of steel fittings are galvanized pipe fittings, carbon steel pipe fittings and stainless steel fittings.

Among these pipe fittings, galvanized steel pipe fittings are most common. Galvanized steel is prepared by treating the steel pipe with zinc. A zinc layer is coated over the steel pipe through chemical process and it is called galvanized steel. The zinc coating increases the life of fittings and makes it highly resistant against the corrosion. The protection against rust and corrosion makes the galvanized steel pipe fittings best choice and they are preferred over other types of fittings. These fittings are available in different sizes and shapes. Most commonly used are galvanized unions, galvanized elbows, galvanized tees, galvanized nipples etc.

The galvanized pipe fittings are widely used for water pipes, but it is not a good choice for gas pipelines. In addition to the galvanized steel, the iron pipe fittings are also galvanized to increase the life of piping systems. The galvanization of pipes with zinc is a preferred process because it costs less than other methods to protect the pipe. On average, the galvanized steel fittings and pipes can last up to 50 years if installed in a building. In rural areas, the galvanized pipes last twice as much as compared to the urban areas. Because there are lots of environmental factors that affect the quality of the pipes.

When you are choosing pipes or pipe fittings for plumbing system, you must try and get the best pipes available in market. Buying cheap pipes will save you money for the time being but will cost you a lot more in the long run. You will have to spend money again and again for repairing of the cheap pipes.