Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

You can choose to control how much light gets in your home by closing the blinds, or by tinting your windows. From energy savings to safety, window tinting has many benefits. The glare, heat buildup, and fading furniture are side effects of having great windows, but there are films that can tint the glass so you avoid such trouble.

Energy Efficiency

The tinting of residential windows can help with energy bill savings. It can be hard to control the temperature inside your home with non-tinted glass. That’s because the heat from the sun will be uncontrolled, raising the temperature despite the hard work of your cooling system. In fact, the heating and cooling bill can be as much as 30 percent lower after the treatment. Some say cooling costs can be decreased by as much as 50 percent.

Comfort and Protection

With tinted windows, the temperature from one room to another will likely be more consistent. Comfort is therefore more uniform throughout the home. In addition, the tinting film reflects glare as well as it does heat. Glare can be downright uncomfortable, and reduce your ability to watch TV, read, cook, or work on the computer. Tinting eliminates glare and also provides sun protection; it blocks UV radiation that can harm your skin even while sitting on a couch, and cause carpeting and furniture to fade.

Security and Safety

A tinted film that is professionally anchored can make it harder for a potential intruder to break the glass. It tends to hold the glass in place longer. Tinting your windows can therefore slow down an intruder, from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, if not stop them entirely. Since glass is less prone to breaking when covered by a film, the impacts of severe weather, natural disasters, and even baseballs can be less. At the very least, the glass might not shatter, which avoids injuries.

Tinted Windows Are Easier to Maintain

The coating is resistant to both scratches and water. Tinted windows are often easier to clean, but the agent you use for cleaning depends on the type of film. The installer and/or the instructions should identify what products to use. You should also be informed as to how often to clean the surface.

Better Quality of Life

Services from High Country Window Tinting can improve your experience at home. It’s less easy for people outside to look into the house, so your privacy is improved. Tinted windows are a talking point of home improvements, and even increase the curb appeal of the house. Windows with a solar or decorative film tend to look sleeker. The benefits do include aesthetic perks in addition to all the pluses mentioned above.

Residential window tinting comes with many advantages. It is cheaper than buying new windows, and can protect you and your home in many ways. Professional installation also makes it a quick upgrade so you can experience improved energy savings, security, and privacy any day of the year, no matter what it’s like outside.