Adding Space to your Home to Add Value for a Quick Rental

A house is not only a home but also an investment for the future. And one of the best ways to add value to a property is to create extra space.

If you have houses to rent in Litherland, it’s good to note when someone is looking to rent a property, then one of the main motivations for this is to have more room to live in. Everyone has a cupboard that is full to the brim with clutter.

Suitcases under the bed packed with surplus items, or garages filled with boxes in a relative’s home, and they keep asking you to get rid of it. Well the best way to create more space in a home is to add to the property.

The two best ways of doing this is to either build an extension, or convert a loft space, both will cost you money, but if done well, both will add more space, and more importantly both will add value to the property.

The amount of money you have available as a budget will could determine the choice you make. The more expensive of the two options is usually the extension.

Building an extension on a home is not a cheap solution, especially if you are doing a double extension, meaning not only are you going to add space to the ground floor, but also a second level and extra bedrooms to the property.

However this can add real value to the current value of a home. Then this may be the best option.

However a double extension is a big project, and can take a long time to complete. There are also the legalities to consider, planning permission and building regulations all need to be considered before any work can be started.

Of course the cheaper option to add space to a home is to do a loft conversion, though still a costly project if done correctly, it is still a much cheaper option than a full extension, and can still add considerable value to a home.

You of course still need the correct planning permission to ensure the project is managed correctly, because if you don’t get the necessary legal permissions, then when you come to sell the property you will find you have carried out an illegal build, and may not be able to sell the property.

But a loft conversion is a great way to add value to a home without having to break the bank. And provides the necessary added space to make the sale appealing to potential buyers.

And once your building work is complete you are ready to rent out the property, and if it’s a quick rental you are looking for, then companies like James Kristian Sales & Lettings offer a professional and quick service to help you complete quickly.

So you can reap the benefits of your hard work, and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a healthy profit to add to your bank balance.