Home Library Ideas for Bookworms

If you ask a bookworm about what she would like in her home? The immediate answer will be a home library. Having your own personal space where you can relax with all your favorite books is the top most home improvement priority for a book lover. Here are some unique library ideas for your home.

  1. In the midst of nature:

If your home has a beautiful surrounding then you must opt for a library with a view. That is really very simple.  The only changes that you will have to make is having French windows in the library from where you can enjoy the lovely view. In the centre of the room you can have rotating book shelves where you can stack all your favorite books. Just pick a book and perch close to a French window and relax!

  1. The staircase library:

If you want to have a library which has ample seating area and also lots of books then this is very much possible. You need to have a two story arrangement in the room. On the second story you can have shelves which have your favorite books. You can then have a ladder arrangement to reach to the second story. Collect all your favorite books and come to the ground floor which has ample space where you can actually lie down and read the book.

  1. That cozy corner!

Now all of us may not be able to have a separate room which can be converted into a beautiful library. But there is still scope for having a library in your small cosy home. Just pick one big corner of your bedroom. Here you can have a huge panel where you can keep your books. Put a nice traditional rug on the floor. That’s it! Your little library is ready.

  1. Two in one!

You would like a single room to serve a dual purpose? Fine then how about combining a dining room with a library? Sounds weird? No it is not! It is actually a superb idea. You can have traditional shelves on the walls for the books. In the centre you can have a multipurpose table with chairs. You can use this for having dinner at night and on other times this will be a nice place where you can sit with a book and a hot cup of coffee.

  1. The entertainment zone:

You can have a wonderful entertainment zone in your home and the library can be a part of it. You can have shelves from the floor to the ceiling on one wall. You can have ladder to collect the books at the top. On another wall you can have a flat screen television with home theater. One corner can be dedicated to the little ones. You can stack their toys and create a playing area for your kids. Your library becomes the perfect place for an evening family get together.

Digital media and internet can never take the place books! Only a true book lover will know the importance of having a beautiful space called library.

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