Top Rattan and Wicker Furniture Pieces

Treasure Garden is a company known for making superior furniture for outdoor spaces. A Treasure Garden umbrella is made with high-quality materials. These umbrellas look great on any table and also provide protection from the elements. These umbrellas are offered in a wide range of colors and prints. The wide variety of umbrella choices makes accenting a table an easy task.

If you need outdoor seating, rattan furniture is a great choice. Rattan furnishings are durable pieces of furniture that are also used within the home. This type of furniture features many different rattan styles and designs with something for everyone. There are all types of rattan furnishing, ranging from small chairs to large couches. Rattan is a plant that can grow extremely high which makes it very sustainable, says Wicker Paradise. Buying rattan furnishings helps to reduce the impact on forests versus buying traditional wooden furniture.

If you can’t decide which type of furniture to choose from, sets are available. In some cases, you will receive a better deal when purchasing a set, than buying items separately. A popular and affordable furniture choice is often wicker furniture sets. Wicker is made from a combination of different materials, often including rattan. Therefore, wicker furniture is known for having similar durability offered by rattan furnishings. Wicker furniture is best suited to outdoor environments but, like rattan, can be used within the home.