DIY Projects that are Totally Worth Trying!

DIY is doing it absolutely yourself. From scratch till the end, it is all your work.  As popularly said, “You cannot use up your creativity, the more you use it, the more you have.” Do it yourself technique is about repairing, modifying or creating something on your own, without any professional aid. It is highly practiced in the west, owing to the high prices of repairing and home décor. Slowly it is coming to our country as well, for the similar reasons.

Apart from creating something from your own hands, it is an excellent activity for kids that keep them engaging and enhance their thought processing at a very early age. There are now fully fledged magazines that curates content based on DIY, giving new ideas and talking about the concept holistically.

Home improvement is one popular sub category of Do it yourself where one can use old, unused to raw items to create something new and productive. Following are some techniques that could be tried:

  • Creating a shoe rack out of a ladder

Organizing shoes can be a tough task and getting a shoe rack can be space consuming with of course a burnt hole in the pocket. An unused old ladder can easily be converted into a shoe rack. All you require a plank of wood that can be drilled against the back of the ladder (you can even skip this if you want). Fix the ladder with the wall using screws and drilling machine. Paint and decorate it according to the color of your wall or however you like it. Use dark colors for long lasting effect. The dust and the dirt won’t be visible. And that’s it, you are done!

  • Wall décor from door

Did you recently do some makeover to your house or planning one? You can use your old wooden door that has got glass compartments in between or purchase one from the scrap market for this DIY. Remove the glasses, paint the door white. Add your best memory photographs to the empty compartments and you’re done.  You can use this only when you have walls that are large in lengths or you can get the door cut in half for home improvement.


  • Making cushion covers from old t-shirts

Planning to dump away those old t-shirts? Stop, and think again. You can surely create something from them!  All you need is an old t-shirt, pair of scissors, sew and thread and you are good to go. Put the cushion into the t-shirt. Leaving extra inches on the four sides, cut the t-shirt and sew it. To decorate it you can use yarn threads as well. Add patches for enhancement and you are good to go. You can even sew sequins if you love some glitter here and there or use parchment paper and iron your initials.

Anything you create, make sure you give your 100% and do it very carefully with full precautions. Do it yourself is a wonderful technique and a real stress buster!

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